Welcome to Lamminaho!

The cosy village Lamminaho is situated halfway between Jyväskylä and Oulu beside Highway 4.
The village has about 300 inhabitants but during the summer the population multiplies considerably due to the arrival of the summer guests.

The surroundings of the sports and outdoors centre Honkavuori offer splendid facilities for spending your holidays in a really peaceful way.

Not far from the log cabin Hiisitupa there are a wind mill, a 12-metre-high observation tower and a dugout offering the opportunity for barbecuing.

In winter you can do cross-country skiing on excellent trails of different length.
You can go down the slopes with a snowboard or a sleigh.
You can even do ski jumping or drive a snowmobile uphill Honkavuori and continue your trip from there.
Have a try!

Lake Pyhäjärvi has very clean water and it is excellent for fishing.

In summer and in autumn there are plenty of berries and mushrooms in the forests around.

Walk through our beautiful and varied landscape!
Hike or jog along the illuminated sawdust tracks!
Being on your trip, stop for a little while and listen to the songs of birds or just enjoy the silence around you!

You can find the service offered in and around our village from our home page under the heading Palvelut (services).

We always look forward to having guests!

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